Luxury Vacation Real Estate Investment with Destination M

Why rent or buy a single vacation home when you can own an entire portfolio of luxury investment vacation homes in exclusive destinations around the world, hassle-free and at a fraction of the cost? With Destination M, you can share equity in a large real estate investment while enjoying all the benefits of your global portfolio of luxury vacation real estate. Our Mbassadors are available to help you settle into the local lifestyle and encounter the best experiences and memories each destination has to offer. Discover and explore beautiful new places, connect with locals, meet new friends, enjoy fun and exciting activities, and return each day to the comforts of your luxury vacation home. Each Destination M property and Mbassador-planned experience is curated to ensure you and your guests see the best the world has to offer.

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Featured Investment Vacation Homes

Unite Your Luxury Vacation and Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Members of Destination M are part of an exclusive club who not only enjoy the benefits of investing in luxury fractional real estate co-ownership, but also enjoy beautiful and exclusive high-end vacation properties around the world. As a member, you can choose to return time and again to places you’ve fallen in love with, or discover new adventures in exotic locations you’ve never been. Membership with Destination M is an astute lifestyle investment with these benefits and many more. Become a member today.


  • Affordable ownership in dozens of stunningly beautiful, well-appointed vacation homes around the world
  • Exclusive investment in real estate from Rocksure Property, granting members partial ownership in its homes as well
  • Access to over 150 additional curated destination vacation homes through an international partnership
  • Tailored trip planning and on-site concierge services with Mbassadors

  • Similar high-end service to luxury resorts
  • Lowest cost per night among luxury vacation options
  • Low member-to-residence ensures you have access to investment vacation homes year-round
  • Non-profit structure
  • Destination M provides insurance, repairs, maintenance, property management and other services for all luxury vacation real estate properties

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