July 2022

A Sailor’s Checklist

Summer is yachting season, and there are certain things you should take along with you on the cruise. Great packing makes for a great time on the water. Here’s what to consider:

  1. Luggage
    Depending on the size of the boat, your suitcase might be restricted. There’s only so much storage space, so confirm what size suitcase you’re allowed to bring on board and try to pack light.
  2. Clothing
    Climate is key when deciding what attire you need to bring along with you. What can you expect the weather to be like, and what kind of activities are you going to be engaged in while on board? You can probably get by on less than you think you need, but definitely take a swim suit or two, shoes that have great soles and are easy to slip on and off, a jacket for breezy evenings, a few casual items to wear day to day, and one outfit that is suitable for more formal gatherings.
  3. Shoes
    Footwear makes all the difference on a boat, and many captains (depending again on the size of the vessel) will expect guests to abide by a “bare-foot” rule on deck. Sturdy, rubber soled shoes are the best choice at sea. Leave the stilettos behind. You won’t need them.
  4. Accessories
    You’re going to spend a lot of time exposed to the elements, so sunglasses, sun hats and sunscreen are all essential. Bring along a good book – and don’t forget the camera. There will be views that you will definitely want to capture in pictures.

Other Pointers:

  • Leave valuables at home. Don’t risk losing expensive jewelry or other personal items to the water.
  • Pack half as much clothing as you think you’ll need.
  • Leave space in your suitcase for souvenirs.
  • Take a couple of hats – the wind is a culprit for robbing them at sea.
  • You might experience sea sickness, so be prepared with proper medication.
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