Member Benefits

Unite Your Luxury Vacation and Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Members of Destination M are part of an exclusive club who not only enjoy the benefits of investing in luxury fractional real estate co-ownership, but also enjoy beautiful and exclusive high-end vacation properties around the world. As a member, you can choose to return time and again to places you’ve fallen in love with, or discover new adventures in exotic locations you’ve never been. Membership with Destination M is an astute lifestyle investment with these benefits and many more. Become a member today.


  • Affordable ownership in dozens of stunningly beautiful, well-appointed vacation homes around the world
  • Exclusive investment in real estate from Rocksure Property, granting members partial ownership in its homes as well
  • Access to over 150 additional curated destination vacation homes through an international partnership
  • Tailored trip planning and on-site concierge services with Mbassadors

  • Similar high-end service to luxury resorts
  • Lowest cost per night among luxury vacation options
  • Low member-to-residence ensures you have access to investment vacation homes year-round
  • Non-profit structure
  • Destination M provides insurance, repairs, maintenance, property management and other services for all luxury vacation real estate properties

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