Membership Benefits

Where Investment Portfolio Meets Luxury Travel

Destination M membership is an exclusive club that enjoys the ultimate in benefits of both real estate co-ownership investment, as well as luxury vacation properties all around the globe. Return to your favourite places every year, or try new and exciting adventures in exotic locales every time you travel. Becoming a member of Destination M is a smart lifestyle investment with many benefits:

Destination M Benefits of Membership

  • Affordable co-ownership in dozens of real estate properties around the world
  • Exclusive partial ownership investment in real estate from Rocksure Property
  • Access to dozens more vacation properties through our international partnership
  • Custom vacation planning and destination concierge services with our Mbassadors team to create unforgettable experiences and priceless family memories

  • High-end service similar to luxury resorts
  • Lowest luxury vacation cost per night
  • Low member-to-residence ratio ensures you can access properties year-round
  • Non-profit structure: over 90% of membership capital is invested into new real estate purchases
  • Membership dues include insurance, repairs, maintenance, property management and other services for all properties