M Private Residences’ Inspired Ownership model makes it possible

CALGARY, March 5, 2014: Destination club M Private Residences announced today a home ownership model that allows for second home ownership, without the hassles that usually accompany second home ownership.

M Private Residences’ owner members enjoy:

The variety of residences: Instead of owning one small second home, members actually own a portion of M’s entire portfolio of homes. M Private Residences’ model allows members to own part of 17 $1.2 – $1.7 million residences throughout North America and Europe for a one time capital contribution starting at $147,500.

The help: Second homes don’t normally come with hired help, but M Private Residences’ Mbassador program includes a personal VIP concierge; an on-call helper to stock the fridge, book activities, get the dry-cleaning, find a chef, plan a birthday surprise for a loved one or whatever members need or want during their stay.

No more maintenance: Maintenance and upkeep is another concern of home ownership; with M Private Residences, it’s all taken care of as part of membership.

Flexibility in booking: Members are shareholders who get Shareholder Travel Days allowing for three to nine weeks of annual usage; it’s all up to the members how much they want to travel and the membership they select.

More benefits: As the real estate appreciates members benefit; since members become equity owners, there are ways to recuperate capital, any appreciation that occurs, and there is an exit strategy should a member decide to sell shares.

Garry Leitch, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at M Private Residences said, “M Private Residences aims to provide the highest quality of living to those who desire to live well. To own a part of M Private Residences is to own a second home that happens to be wherever you want to travel instead of just in one place. You could own a home in one place, take care of all the costs and maintenance, or you could own part of many homes in many places and let M take care of the details. It’s the best of both worlds.”

For more information, and to learn how to benefit from this low-risk, zero-hassle ownership opportunity, interested parties were invited to a special presentation entitled “Inspired Second Home Ownership,” March 4, 2014 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at The Bow Valley Club in Calgary. Those who missed it can contact M Private Residences for more information at any time.

About M Private Residences

M Private Residences is a member-owned, destination club based in Canada with access to a number of properties around the world. Members also have exclusive access to the renowned Mbassador concierge service. The club provides the luxury of owning vacation property without the complications of second home ownership. We bring you the finest days of your life!

Garry G. Leitch
VP Sales and Marketing
Suite 205-322 11th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0C5