Let the Michelin Guide to New York City Restaurants influence your meal planning in 2017. Here’s a selection of new restaurants in NYC to have made the prestigious list this year, earning one or two stars.

  1. Aska, Williamsburg
    With a two-star rating, Aska has been named NYC’s best new restaurant. Swedish chef Fredrik Berselius is at the helm, and after having first received an impressive one-star rating in 2014, closed Aska for two and a half years to restructure. With its re-opening during the summer of 2016, Aska is back and better than ever.
  2. Agern, Midtown
    Chef Claus Meyer champions Nordic cuisine with a local twist at Agern. A serene and simple dining room awaits, and the prix fixed menu makes your decision easy: choose either the Field & Forest menu or Land & Sea, and enjoy Scandinavian delicacies that impress.
  3. Günter Seeger, West Village
    Chef Günter Seeger makes his return after closing his acclaimed Atlanta restaurant in 2007. His eponymous new restaurant offers an expressive tasting menu at two price points, leaving critics convinced of Seeger’s culinary talents.
  4. Nix, Greenwich Village
    Vegetarians rejoice! The meatless menu from chef John Fraser offers hearty vegetarian and vegan dishes to leave you pleasantly surprised.
  5. La Sirena, Maritime Hotel
    Celebrity chef Mario Batali opened La Sirena after a 10-year hiatus in NYC. Serving Italian fare for all, the restaurant is expansive, seating 300, and perfect for families and couples alike.