Discover and taste authentic local food products along one of the many gourmet streets in Paris: la Rue des Martyrs. Explore a selection of fine food products and meet welcoming Parisian artisans. Sample delicacies like croissants and éclairs at a local patisserie, enjoy various cheeses at a fromagerie and satisfy your sweet tooth at a classic chocolaterie. Of course, no gourmet tour of this Parisian neighbourhood would be complete without a stop at a boulangerie, where you can learn the proper way to eat a baguette in France.

Le Marais
The famed Le Marais district is home to one of the oldest markets in Paris, Le Marché des Enfants Rouges. Browsing the various stalls and discovering new delicacies, a favourite Parisian pastime, is an ideal way to explore this iconic area. Indulge in fine wines, cheeses, delicacies like organic tapenade, cured meat, baguettes, jams and of course macarons.

Tasting Tour Around the Eiffel Tower
Take a leisurely stroll around the Eiffel Tower, exploring an assortment of gourmet shops. Find homemade foie gras from the South West, wine from a small French vineyard, a special coffee brewed in Paris, tasty traditional biscuits from Provence, a meringue cake from the North and one of the best French chocolate cakes called “le Baulois”, all within walking distance from the iconic landmark.