There are many natural wonders to take in at Whistler, but when the night sky lights up in rippling shades of green and purple, that’s pretty tough to beat. Aurora Borealis (more commonly known as the Northern Lights) aren’t always visible at the resort, but when they are, it’s an electrifying show.

Scientifically speaking, Aurora Borealis is a collision that happens when electrically charged particles from the sun enter the earth’s atmosphere. That may sound like something that’s virtually impossible to predict, but thankfully, there are several organizations that do just that. Do a Google search of predicting Aurora Borealis and you’ll find a bunch of web sites that will help you figure out when aurora activity is expected in the area.

You should take the time of year into consideration when planning to see the lights too. Some experts say that winter is the best time to see things, but people at Whistler report that spring and summer (April through August) are the most active months for aurora. Of course, a clear night is essential.

Next, pick the perfect location. The further away you get from artificial light, the more impressive the show. So while you could enjoy the view from the private balcony of your Whistler townhome, you may want to venture out to one of the following locations – nearby spots that get a unanimous nod of approval for top quality views:

  • Green Lake
  • Alta Lake
  • Rainbow Park
  • Lakeside Park

Last but certainly not least, be prepared for the excursion. If you do plan to take in the show from a remote spot, be sure you’ve got all the bases covered in terms of what to bring with you. Peak viewing times are between 9pm and 4am, so dress in layers, bring blankets or sleeping bags, a cot or a lawn chair will definitely come in handy, and you’ll want to bring beverages and snacks along too. Remember the camera! This amazing experience is one you’ll want to capture.