Prague, Czech Republic

Located in Prague, the historical pearl of Europe, the VLTAVA apartment is situated on the first floor of a superbly maintained turn-of-the-century apartment block, overlooking the Vltava River. It is just a ten-minute walk from Charles Bridge, in the middle of an energetic city, full of history and life.

Take the private elevator to discover your king-size master bedroom and double bedroom with ensuite bathrooms, large living areas, and fully equipped kitchen and entertainment center. The dining room boasts a view of the river and Prague Castle; outside your door you can discover a city with a wealth of monuments and architecture, a rich history and a vibrant present, all ready for you to explore.


Museums & Theatre:

Founded in 1818, the National Museum in Prague offers several buildings housing natural history, historical, and other well-curated exhibits. The Prague State Opera is an opera house which has been open under various names since 1888; its architectural and design features are extremely detailed and interesting.

Boat Trips & River Cruises:

See the city from a different perspective when you’re on a river cruise down the Vltava. Lunch and dinner cruises are offered if you want to have a meal combined with a sightseeing experience. Don’t forget a camera!

Walking & Biking Tours of Historical Landmarks:

Sign up for a walking or biking tour of the city or forge your own path to visit various landmarks. The Petrin Tower resembles Paris’ Eiffel Tower slightly, but is 63.5 meters high and offers a lookout over Prague. Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava river; construction started on it in 1357. Prague Castle is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic and was built in the ninth century. History abounds in Prague, and it’s all quite accessible by bike and by foot.

Loreto Crypt:

In the center of Prague, a crypt was discovered that is decorated in unique paintings. A public exhibition called ARS MORIENDI was opened in 2012 and although it is no longer open to the public, many crypts or exhibitions about them can be seen around the city.

Restaurants, Beer Halls & Nightclubs:

Beer halls seem to be a cultural treat in Czech. The Hotel U Medvídků Brewery in Prague is in a 15th century house with gothic trusses. A former medieval brewery, it’s now a hotel and brewery open to the public. Prague has many different nightclubs depending on your musical tastes, and restaurants of all types are scattered throughout this pulsating city. Enjoy some local music with your dinner and your beer.


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Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Square Feet: 3014
Occupancy: 4
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