Santa Felicita, Florence Italy

Today, Florence is almost certainly the greatest artistic treasure house in the world, so a rewarding place in which to have a home. Florence, the capital of Tuscany had a turbulent history in the medieval period, but then came centuries of rule by the Medici family which allowed the great artistic flowering of the Renaissance to take place.

This stunningly appointed apartment is made up of two separate one-bedroom apartments that share a common exterior door; a perfect space for two couples or families with children.  Your beautifully finished accommodations sit on the end of the Ponte Vecchio. From its prime location, you will be able to practically touch the Vasari Corridor!

All around, are the historic towns and villages and beautiful countryside of Tuscany, together with the delicious food and wine to be found in the many restaurants. So much to see and do in Florence.



Church of Santa Felicita:

Santa Felicita (Church of St Felicity) is a church in Florence, Italy, probably the oldest in the city after San Lorenzo.  Beautiful paintings and a lovely, quiet spot away from the crowds.


Tour The Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor. The Uffizi Gallery houses the largest collection of Italian Renaissance paintings in the world. After seeing some of the most famous paintings of all times in the Museum, take a visit to the Vasari Corridor. Walk the path that the Medici family once walked, from their offices to their home at the Pitti Palace without ever setting foot on the street. The overhead passageway goes from the Uffizi Gallery, above the Ponte Vecchio, through a church and into the Pitti Palace. The Corridor now houses an amazing collection of paintings.


Visit The Baptistery of Saint John or the Baptistery di San Giovanni one of Florence’s oldest and most important religious buildings. And can’t miss Campanile di Giotto. The tower was created by Giotto between 1334 and 1337 when he died and Andrea Pisano took over the task until 1348. How about visiting Piazza della Signoria, one of Florence’s most popular squares, the historic L-shaped square got its name from the Palazzo Vecchi which is also called the Palazzo della Signoria and is just one of the important buildings lining the square.


Window-shopping in Florence is like visiting an enormous contemporary-art gallery. Many of today’s greatest Italian artists are fashion designers, and most keep shops in Florence. The usual fashion suspects—Prada, Gucci, Versace, to name but a few—all have shops in Florence. But if you want to buy Florentine in Florence, stick to Gucci, Pucci, Ferragamo, and Roberto Cavalli—they’re either all native sons or adopted native sons (Salvatore Ferragamo).


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Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Occupancy: 4
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