Why M

Luxury Fractional Ownership for Sale with Destination M

Invest in a Vacation Lifestyle

Being a member at Destination M grants you the keys to a portfolio of exclusive luxury fractional ownership vacation homes around the world, and unrestricted access to our team of personal concierges, the Mbassadors. It is an astute lifestyle investment that allows you to travel and share a collection of well-appointed properties around the world with friends and family, worry-free. Each of our homes is curated to meet an exacting standard in terms of location, furnishings, amenities, experiences, privacy, and more.

Becoming a member at Destination M is a promise to make the rest of your life the best years of your life.

The Destination M Fractional Ownership Investment

Our unique member-directed non-profit model allows for a lower cost-per-night than other luxury vacation options. There are no additional fees, apart from your equity buy-in and the operating costs split between members.

If you decide to leave, the Sunset Provision provides a clearly defined opportunity to exit the club. Upon exit, you recover your initial fractional ownership investment, possibly even with a profit, depending on property performance.

What Makes Destination M Different

Vacations Tailored to Your Tastes

Our team of professional Mbassadors handles all the details for you, from pre-trip planning to booking reservations, activities, private chefs, party planning and anything else you desire. Our team gets to know your tastes and become your personal travel advisors, helping you discover a location’s best offerings and ensuring every detail is taken care of. We even have on-site concierges so your entire vacation will run smoothly no matter what.

Low Member-to-Home Ratio

Destination M allocates a higher percentage of membership fees to the purchase of homes than any other fractional ownership opportunities or equity clubs. Over 90% of the capital raised through memberships goes to purchase new homes. This allows us to purchase more homes per member and affords M members less restriction when booking properties than other clubs. Simply put: our member investments are used to purchase homes—not just pocketed for profit.

Ownership Model

Destination M is owned by the shareholder members and managed by a board of fellow members. Our model not only provides members the pride of ownership, but control over the properties, how equity is employed, and the direction and continual improvement of the club. Know that your voice is heard when we select new properties and make other operating decisions.

100% of the potential equity, once the portfolio is liquidated, is distributed to members. Other clubs typically offer 80% to members, the other 20% going to managers of the funds.

Non-Profit Structure

Our non-profit structure is unique among many fractional ownership sales opportunities, and it means we are able to keep the costs of running the club as low as possible. We pass on these savings in our lower annual dues.

Economical Luxury Group Travel

Grow closer with family and friends, and form travel traditions in our exclusive large fractional ownership vacation homes. Our curators select properties that are fit for bigger groups of adults and children. Paired with our industry-leading value, Destination M is an ideal option for those who want to bond with friends and family over travel experiences.

Vacation Fractional Ownership Opportunities for Sale

Membership Levels

Destination M offers membership levels fit to any lifestyle, from working couples looking to travel a couple of weeks each year with friends and family, to those who spend their days filling their passports with stamps. Whatever membership you choose, know that your life will be filled with new experiences around the world, in vacation homes you own. Pick a new home each week, or return again and again to your favourite residence and become a local. And the best part? As a member, you own them all.

Class Class B Class C 2 Family Class A
Nights Included 21 42 42 60
Trip Planning included included included included
Mbassador On-Site Concierge Service included included included included
Access to All Properties included included included included
Booking Window 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Max Number of Reservations at any one time 4 7 8 8
Long-Term Reservations
(90 days – 2 years)
2 4 5 5
Short-Term Reservations
(31 – 90 days)
1 2 2 2
Space Available Reservations
(<30 days)
1 1 1 1
Peak Demand Weeks Each Year 1 2 3 3


For full pricing information, including equity buy-in and annual operation dues, please submit a membership inquiry or request M’s brochure.

“Every time I have reached out to Member Services they are very knowledgeable. This is critical to the success of M. Good work!”
Mike, M member since July 2015