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What is Destination M?

Destination M is Canada’s first and finest equity destination club with a carefully selected collection of over 30 luxury vacation properties around the world for club members to enjoy. Our team of curators, called Mbassadors, get to know your family’s needs and wishes for the ideal vacation, and ensure you get the most of every single experience. Our team of dedicated support people ensure the entire organization runs smoothly so you don’t have to worry about your investment either. We take care of everything – all you have to do is enjoy your holidays.

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The Premier Choice for Equity Destination Club… and Luxury

Destination M is an investment property club based in Calgary, Canada, delivering exceptional travel experiences that you and your family will treasure forever. Joining M gives you access to an exclusive club with a luxury portfolio of asset-secured resort properties, collectively owned by you and fellow club members. M is an opportunity for you to consider the value and quality of your leisure time and make a financial investment in your lifestyle that may appreciate in value as our owner base and number of properties grows.

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How Your Membership in Our Investment Property Club Works

M allows you to share your passion for life with loved ones. Your membership opens the door (or a series of doors, to be more accurate) to adventures and memories you will cherish. Imagine what awaits at your country home in the south of France. Your luxury flat in London. Your condo in the historic Crane Resort in Barbados, and other amazing residences in Cabo San Lucas, Rancho Mirage, Las Vegas, Whistler, and New York City. All these and many more destinations have been carefully selected by our team of curators for their personal and portfolio value for M owners. For a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining a vacation home, you can invest in an exclusive group of superb luxury club properties without the headaches of long-distance management.

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