Vacation Real Estate Investment

Why rent or buy a single vacation home when you can own an entire portfolio of luxury investment vacation homes—and get them in exclusive destinations around the world, hassle-free and at a fraction of the cost? With Destination M, you can share equity in a large real estate investment while enjoying all the benefits of your global portfolio of luxury vacation homes. Our Mbassadors are available to help you settle into the local lifestyle and encounter the best experiences each destination has to offer – creating countless family memories along the way. Discover and explore beautiful new places, connect with locals, meet new friends, enjoy fun and exciting activities, and return each day to the comforts of your luxury property. Each Destination M property and Mbassador-planned experience is curated for your needs to ensure you and your guests see the absolute best the world has to offer.

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Featured Properties

Unite Your Luxury Vacation and Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Members of Destination M are part of an exclusive non-profit club who not only enjoy the benefits of luxury fractional real estate co-ownership, but also enjoy beautiful and private high-end vacation properties around the world. As a member, you can choose to return many times to places you’ve fallen in love with, or discover new adventures in exotic locations you’ve never seen but always wanted to visit. Membership with Destination M is an astute lifestyle investment with these benefits and many more. Become a member today.

Benefits of a Destination M Equity Share Real Estate Investment

  • Affordable ownership in dozens of stunningly beautiful, luxury vacation real estate properties around the world
  • Exclusive investment in Rocksure Property, also granting fractional co-ownership of its real estate
  • Access to The Eden Club in Scotland at The Residences at Pittormie Castle and select events and activities
  • Tailored trip planning
  • On-location concierge services with our Mbassadors providing high-end service similar to luxury resorts
  • On-line reservation system plus a Member Services team for personal service
  • Non-profit luxury real estate co-ownership structure: over 90% of new membership capital is invested into new real estate purchases with the balance going into operations, and no upcharge or markup on services
  • Discounted alliance and partnership arrangements

  • Lowest cost per night among any other luxury vacation options
  • Trouble free ownership – properties are all 100% managed for you
  • 100% of any appreciation in value goes to the members
  • Low member-to-residence ratio, ensuring you have access to your investment vacation homes year-round
  • Non-profit luxury fractional real-estate structure
  • Annual dues cover ALL costs of property maintenance and management save for your own holiday housekeeping charges
  • Space Available bookings (30 day window) available to all members at no charge to Plan Days
  • A range of travel plans available to suit your travel preferences from 21 up to 60 days or more

“As new members from a distant part of the world (New Zealand) we inevitably made our investment in Destination M with a degree of trepidation. We have now stayed at three M properties (Rocks/Esperanza/Mauna Lani) and have been thrilled to find the quality of the residences has considerably exceeded our expectations. Further, the support (both from Calgary and on site), and the professionalism and friendliness we have encountered in our dealings with M personnel, have been of the highest standard. Thanks and congratulations to all involved.”
Murray G, M member since September 2016

“The head office Member Services team and Mbassadors are great! Very informative, very accommodating and helpful. I continue to enjoy the entire “M” experience from start to finish.”
Lorri, M member since September 2006

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