What is

Destination M

Destination M is a vacation property investment portfolio that is exclusive to our members

The M Advantage

We select special properties in premium destinations that our members share ownership in.

Limited Luxury Ownership

Currently, we have approximately 175 members, an active waitlist and more than 30 properties. Our limited ownership group helps to maintain vacation availability and ensures our properties are only shared amongst trusted members and their families.

Personalized Experience

Destination M has expert Mbassadors for each location, ensuring your trip is taken care of the way you want it to be. From fully stocking the property with groceries, to planning tours and adventures, your Mbassador is here to make your trip trouble free.

No Extra Fees

Our members annual dues covers everything from maintenance, Mbassador fees and any other costs that are associated with the property. There is no additional nightly fee for using the properties. We also offer unlimited short-term access to the majority of our destinations at no additional charge. 

Worry-Free Investment

Each of our properties is professionally managed and maintained to ensure it is in the best of condition, and that everything is ready for the next guest. Our members need not worry about the hassles of home ownership.

How it Works

Full Ownership Portfolio of Properties

Destination M is an investment portfolio of luxury properties that operates as a not-for-profit company utilizing a shared use model. It is not a time share. All our properties are owned by members and the use of the properties is exclusive only to members and their families. We are constantly searching for new and exciting properties. When we find a great value, we invite wait list members to join to ensure our member to property ratio remains low.

Cost of Ownership

There is a one-time capital contribution per Shareholder that is used principally for the purchase of the real estate within the club.

Each Shareholder contributes their proportionate share of actual costs to run M. These range between $16,000-$33,000 annually as shared costs, as well as property management, repairs, maintenance, insurance and additional costs incurred by the residences within the collection.

Shareholders have the option of three weeks to two months of vacation time depending on the shares they purchase. Shareholders can book up to two years in advance, and one of the many M advantages is that Owners can book available properties within 30 days of travel and not use any of their allotted time.

How to Get Your Investment Back

Destination M has a share buyback opportunity for investors every ten years, in order to provide a stable platform for growth for the club and to define a clear exit strategy for its membership. Shareholders are also able to sell their shares privately at any time.

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Interested in Becoming a Member?

Destination M is a not-for-profit company whose real estate portfolio is member owned and is a great way to invest in your travel lifestyle.