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Limited Luxury Ownership

In order to maintain the low owner-to-property ratio and quality of the booking experience, people who wish to join M must first join a waitlist.

Fill out the form to receive our brochure or to apply for the waitlist. We typically open up membership once a new property is purchased, to maintain our best-in-industry ratios.

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    How do you see yourself using the properties?

    Already A Member?

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    Member Services: (403) 699-1133

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    What Happens When I Invest?

    After joining the waitlist for $6,000 CDN / yr plus a refundable deposit, you will have access to travel for one week, giving you the opportunity to experience the club before you fully buy-in. Then, when invited, you will be able to buy shares for $192,500 to $385,000 CDN depending on the share plan you choose. Once invested you will be responsible for your annual dues and have exclusive access to all our destinations for three weeks to two months every year depending on your share plan.

    Just imagine yourself skiing with the family in winter, then off to enjoy the Hawaiian sun with family and friends, spending the summer on some of the worlds greatest golf courses, capping off your fall with cocktails on the Mexican beach, and finally off to New York or London for some Christmas shows, great shopping, and fine dining.

    Properties in the collection average in the range of $1.5 million to $3.5 million CDN in value per residence. M combines ownership of these multi-million dollar vacation properties with our tailored Mbassador services and travel assistance to provide an unequalled vacation experience. The M portfolio is managed to hopefully appreciate for you over the long term.

    Where Are Destination M Properties? 

    M properties are located near beaches, mountains, worldly cities, deserts, golf courses and other desired locations that are of interest to our members. Properties are selected based on members’ preferences, travel patterns, travel convenience and investment value. 

    "As new members, my wife and I have really enjoyed the community and opportunity which Destination M has provided. Exotic locations, fantastic accommodations, wonderful concierges, and an extremely helpful head office which help and guide you to maximize your vacation experience. If that wasn't enough, it's been great to meet and mingle with like-minded people, hearing their experiences and using that to dream even bigger! For anyone that is considering a powerful traveling opportunity, Destination M should warrant a very close look!"

    Chuck & Sue

    M Members