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As a member of Destination M, you have the opportunity to experience not just exclusive destination homes, but the ability to enjoy dream luxury vacation destinations for any number of unforgettable family holidays. Our world property team works tirelessly to ensure every single premium destination property available to our members is in an ideal location close to amenities like premium shopping, delicious restaurants, sports and wellness facilities, fun activities and more. And, our team of on-site MBassadors makes sure you know all about them so your experience is an impressive and memorable one. Whether you’re looking for a destination vacation focused on beaches, adventure, skilling, culture, family fun, romance or shopping, we have a wide variety of destination homes and property around the world that will provide it for you.

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World Property Investment

Destination M offers a large portfolio of luxury homes around the world. These properties are in highly desirable locations of popular luxury vacation destinations, and offer numerous amenities nearby. This ensures all Destination M world vacation homes will retain their value for years to come. Why invest in traditional real estate when you can invest in fractional ownership vacation homes around the world and enjoy them with a memorable destination vacation too? With our dedication to delivering solid destination property investments, every Destination M member can be confident in their decision to join.

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“Shutters is the ideal place to feel at home while taking a break. Great views with world class amenities only steps away, though a walk along the seawall in December keeps your mind firmly planted that you are still in Canada. Had a great time thanks to [Mbassador] Michele’s advice!”
Michael B., Victoria, June 2015

“Food and service was spectacular. I would go back anytime. The Rocks team is great, they are very quick to respond to any maintenance issues, and are very accommodating. The daily cleaning was great.”
Bill M., The Rocks 105 Scottsdale, September 2014