How does it work?

Destination M ensures your investment is secure and easy to understand – we have a rare real estate investment business model in the equity destination club industry where the real estate portfolio is owned entirely by members. A membership with Destination M is a full equity investment—more than 90% of capital raised through memberships goes towards new home purchases. As an exclusive member of Destination M, you have a say in where new properties are acquired.

Why invest in an M membership?

If you’re considering owning a second home, fractional ownership, purchasing a vacation home, considering the purchase of an investment property or exploring the possibilities of second home ownership, we’d like you to add us to the top of your consideration list.

An exclusive membership with Destination M affords you the privilege of sharing your passion for life with loved ones. Your membership opens the door to vacation adventures and memories you, your friends and your family will cherish for life.

Unbelievable Places to Vacation – An Investment in Your Lifestyle

How do I invest?

The economics of  Destination M work simply.

There is a one-time capital contribution per Shareholder Member that is used principally for the purchase of the real estate within the Club. Each member contributes between $14,000 and $28,000 annually as Shared Costs, which include Each Shareholder’s Travel Days, as well as property management, repairs, maintenance, insurance and additional costs incurred by the residences within the collection.

Residences in the collection average in the range of $1 million to $2.5 million in value per residence. M combines ownership of these multi-million dollar vacation properties with our tailored Mbassador™ services.

To view the Membership Brochure on Second Home Ownership with Destination M click here. Provide your name and email address and an email will be automatically sent to you.

How do I get my initial investment back?

Destination M has introduced a Sunset Provision every 10 years in order to provide a stable platform for growth for the club and to define a clear exit strategy for its membership. The first opportunity to exercise this will be in May, 2020, members will be able to exit the club and extract their equity. The Sunset Provision provides liquidity to our members and at the same time, provides the basis for reduced annual member dues.

When were the first shares bought? How has M weathered the downturn in the world wide real estate market?

M officially launched in June 2005. The annual dues paid by our members have covered the costs to maintain and operate the residences, making M self-sustainable in any economic downturn. With new share sales, we are able to purchase additional properties at better prices today. This improves availability and should improve shareholder or member share value. As well, the Board of Directors at M have continually found ways to enhance our member’s vacation experiences without additional costs.

Can I use my properties often?

Yes. Your usage of the properties is dependent on your level of membership within Destination M, which ranges from 21 days to 60 days annually. We have developed a customized reservation system that enables our members to maximize the enjoyment of their properties in a fair and equitable manner. Our unique Space Available feature permits our Members to use short term bookings of vacation days at no additional cost.

Where are Destination M properties?

M properties are located near beaches, mountains, worldly cities, deserts, golf courses and other desired locations that are of interest to our members. Properties are selected based on members’preferences, travel patterns, ease of access and travel convenience.

Can members give input on the purchase of new properties?

Yes. M relies on the feedback from our members to drive future property locations, property amenities, and other elements. M conducts member surveys to provide insight on where future properties should be purchased. The M Board of Directors is responsible for the approval of real estate purchases. As members enjoy control of the Board, they have the ultimate responsibility for location selection.

How do members know what properties are open and available for travel?

M has a custom web-based reservation system designed to ensure that members have the ability to view residence availability on a moment’s notice. Our expert Member Services team is also available to assist in person.

If I invest in an “A” (60 day) share, can I switch between usage plans?

Yes. At the start of each membership year (commencing on the date listed on your share certificate) an “A” member may choose to change their usage plan. “A” members may choose to operate under the “A” Share Single Family Plan or the “A” Share Two Family Plan. Members may not change the elected usage plan again until the start of the following membership year.

Have more questions? More FAQ’s are available inside the Member/Guest site.

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“Member Services gave me a call to let me know I could take advantage of staying one extra day at Bear Mountain, then move seamlessly over to Shutters. This was great for me and I really appreciated the offer from M to make changing properties a little bit easier.”
Mike, M member since July 2015